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The Clark Howard Show

The Clark Howard Show

Weekdays from 8-10pm, Clark Howard teaches you how to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off!

                                      • 8:06 –  New rules for medical Flexible Spending Accounts could benefit you...CR Clarkrageous Moment –  “A 100% return in commodity trading!!”  The pitch that worked – emptying accounts all over the country..
                                      • 8:35 –  Clark’s health monitoring Vita Fit watch is making a difference... Is wearable technology a fit for you?
                                      • 9:06 –  If you buy an American car made in Korea,  or vice versa, are you buying American? A Clark Howard reality check on FREE TRADE...
                                      • 9:35 –  Another big reason to shop auto insurance, may be the city you live in...

                                                                  Mondays 8-10pm - catch "Bulldog Hotline” with UGA Coach Mark Richt.  The Bulldog fans feed back to Saturday’s game.